The Oxfordshire Bat Group aims to:

   Help conserve bats and their habitat.

   Raise awareness of bats and their conservation.

Our activities include:

Recording and monitoring bat populations in Oxfordshire by undertaking surveys and collecting records of bat activity and roost locations.

  radio-tracking training for OBG members at Piddington Wood, 2015

photo courtesy Stuart Jenkins


Carrying out conservation projects such as bat box schemes and protecting roost sites.

Bat box checking at lock sites on the Thames

photo courtesy Kathy Warden

A  group of Noctules in a woodcrete Schwegler bat box

Photo courtesy : Stuart Jenkins

Roost site work:

 Pillbox conversion team, Cholsey Marsh

      photo courtesy: Richard Green

Giving talks and taking part in educational events for the general public and Bat Group members.

  Dave Endacott introducing bats to youngsters and parents at a Spooktacular event at the Cotswold Water Park.

photo courtesy Jill Bewley, Cotswold Water Park

Providing a rescue service for grounded, sick and injured bats with the aim of getting them back into the wild whenever possible.

rescued baby pipistrelle

photo courtesy  David Endacott

Assisting Natural England by undertaking roost visits to householders and others where proposed building works may affect bats.  If you think you may have bats and are planning some building work please see this link for more information:

Bat Rescue and Care

If you find a grounded bat local volunteers can be contacted between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on the numbers shown below. Outside those hours please follow the guidance on the Bat Rescue page to keep the bat safe until you can contact someone. Thank you for your help.

Please note these phone numbers are for calls about grounded bats only. If you have a general enquiry please contact us at

Oxford City and West Oxfordshire: 07878 265076

Oxford City and East Oxfordshire: 07837 264770

Banbury: 07811 333643

Wantage/VWH: 01235 764832

National Helpline: 0345 1300 228